American politics is a crazy beast, performing in a three-ring circus that never goes out of style.

It's been over fifteen years now since Caryssa left her fast-track Silicon Valley career; twelve and thirteen since the tragic loss of Anna's daughters, and a year since the murder of her art gallery security guard. But all efforts to let go of hidden political powers wreaking havoc on precious memories of their tender past comes back to haunt them---leading directly into the path of the money monster lurking in the shadows.

What dark force is driving the monster behind the masks? A trail of subtle clues is found within bloody symbolic messages on a dead dove left outside Anna's art gallery. Clues uncovering a secret society visible for all to see yet ingeniously disguised by ruling elites.

. . . And another dead dove was just found.

Slated for release by Spring of 2019, MONSTER Behind the MASKS can be preordered in eBook form through both Kobo and Apple iBooks. Order your copy now, and be among the first to read what happens next for Caryssa and Anna!

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