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Thanksgiving “His”- story: Whose Story?

THANKSGIVING “HIS”-STORY: WHO’S STORY?   This past weekend, I attended a community fundraising event at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley. This vibrant venue promotes social justice, arts participation, and intercultural understanding. The event I attended, Thangs Taken: Rethinking Thanksgiving, brought together artist, activist, and community to acknowledge the genocide of ten to thirty million Native Americans and…

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The Birth of My Book

THE BIRTH OF MY BOOK   This past Mother’s day, I reflected on how I never knew I’d be blessed with a child. In my past life, my identity seemed wrapped around fancy corporate titles—including VP of Marketing, Senior Competitive Marketing Analyst and Product Marketing Manager. I loved these titles! They gave me power. Respect.…

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My First Book Signing

MY FIRST BOOK SIGNING As a newly published author, a book signing was among the key tactics within my marketing plan. But sitting at a table in a bookstore desparately waiting for customers to come by, feeling like a peddler selling my independent novel MASKS OF MORALITY did not sound fun. It sounded downright intimidating.…

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