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Tim Wise » Patriotism is Still a Pathology (Revisiting an Old Essay, More Relevant Now Than Ever)

A very well-written article about how extreme patriotism is very counter-productive to national security, the good of our people or even “love of country.” A sick pathology that sees nationalism first, humanity as an afterthought. I love this socially responsible, consciously political thinking! In light of the recent ventilations of Rudy Giuliani, to the effect…

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Taming the Tiger

TAMING THE TIGER by T.L. Mumley Investment share price isn’t the only “value” that counts! How do we make socially and environmentally responsible investments within an irresponsible economic standard?   With the rising public awareness of corruption in our political and financial system, people are rethinking how to manage their money. Entire campaigns have been put…

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