The sequel, “Monster behind the Masks,” is available now!

By T.L Mumley | January 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

Hello Readers! The long-awaited sequel to Masks of Morality is now published in both digital and print format.Book #2, Monster Behind the Masks can be found globally, including on the brick & mortar shelf of Barnes & Noble El Cerrito, California. Happy reading!T.L. Mumley Share This:

Monster Behind the Masks (MASKS Series Book 2)

By T.L Mumley | May 27, 2019

The plot thickens in the sequel Monster Behind the Masks, which drills down to the dark money in politics and how it affects every facet of everyday American society. An innocent man accused of being a terrorist in NYC. Another dead dove found with a symbolic message in blood of how we go after the forever…

The MASKS Series

By T.L Mumley | May 27, 2019

Has America normalized violence as a way of life? MASKS OF MORALITY is a contemporary rollercoaster about a woman who goes from a high-tech marketing executive to becoming obsessed with changing the world after becoming a mother. It’s a story of moral conscience and using positive energy in every choice we make. A message to look…

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