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MASKS: a contemporary realistic/silicon valley series

Dear Agent or Publisher,

Writing the MASKS duology (planned trilogy) has been an amazing journey stretching over a decade. I wrote Masks of Morality while raising my child, occasionally putting my manuscript on the back burner only to hear my characters scream for attention.

The past two years were dedicated full-time to writing the sequel, Monster Behind the Masks. My novels have been alive in my head for a while. I have sipped tea with the characters, argued with them and begged them to get over their hang-ups. While skiing or hiking, I’d mull over how to tighten my prose or increase the tension for plots. It’s surprising I never skied over a cliff during an “aha” moment.

Writing is like leading a dual life, with one foot in reality—the other in the worlds of my stories. This isn’t difficult since my novels are Contemporary Realistic Fiction set where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am connected to the progressive left-coast community which represents much of my target audience. Leveraging my high-tech career, I took advantage of the digital revolution and chose to independently publish my Silicon Valley novels.

​I’m seeking representation by an agent interested in complex dark characters, edgy plots, and subplots connecting the dots between corporatism, deep surveillance, and endless war. The manuscript for my third installment will be working its way through the Berkeley Writers Circle, and I am in this for the long haul.

​Below is a brief synopsis. I have written the 1st and 2nd books in the series, and am absorbed in the 3rd. I am happy to send more information upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I also hold all rights to the MASKS series.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

T.L. Mumley

Masks of Morality (94,000 words)
Monster Behind the Masks (77,000 words)

Caryssa climbs the corporate ladder of Silicon Valley … until she brings a child into the world and nothing is about herself anymore. She becomes concerned about unbridled capitalism and planetary eco-collapse, with humanity treading on a slippery slope.

Surrounded by parents turning inward to truth and empathy, each makes choices beneficially impacting lives. The reality and spiritual costs of American politics negatively affecting many business practices tears at their souls. For Parisian artist Anna, this means opening her heart to the boy who fatally struck her youngest daughter in a skateboarding accident.

Conflicted with the tight interconnection between tech and perpetual global wars, Caryssa finds solace in Anna’s humanity; a woman compassionate enough to say no to a judicial system offering her millions in punitive damages claiming the tragic accident caused her oldest daughter’s suicide while putting a faultless young man in prison.

After Anna’s Sausalito art gallery is robbed and her security guard bludgeoned to death, prized stolen art pieces show up in the strangest places. A mysterious Picasso quote and Kryptos decoded messages inscribed onto the backs of these masterpieces by the daughter of a rogue CIA agent further complicates things.

The stakes are raised when the innocent brother of a friend is accused of being a terrorist, and a second dead dove is found with symbolic messages in blood hinting the “bad guys” are hidden in plain sight.

Bizarre things are happening in peaceful places, including the women narrowingly escaping a mass shooting in a treasured coffee shop overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

When they discover that dark money beyond any election campaign is behind these odd occurrences, they help a girl flee from corrupt power. A girl who nearly destroyed Anna’s art gallery yet reminds her of the daughters she tragically lost.


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