Gun Violence linked to America’s Wars

Isn’t this what I’ve been saying all along? Of special note cited within this piece: “American students have much in common with victims of drone warfare.” 18+ years of nonstop wars for profit are taking a toll on American youth. Until we take guns and war OUT of our central economic impetus, it will not stop.

The author of this insightful article, Allegra Harpootlian, who is also a Media Associate for ReThink Media, went on to say, ” to me, the U.S. military and CIA drones that hover constantly over eight countries across the Greater Middle East and Africa, and regularly terrorizemaim, and kill civilians, including children, are the equivalents of the disturbed shooters in American schools. But that story is hard to find anywhere in this country. “

Our mainstream media is peppered with angles purposefully keeping the American people silent.

The empty platitude of “thoughts and prayers” must end.

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