How Movies Have Militarized America




How Movies Have Militarized America

Back in the 80’s, I recall watching the movie “Top Gun.” Like most Americans, I loved it. I was unable to see the hidden messages that were subtle yet lacking nuance making our mindsets glorify war and violence. I was only twenty-five. I was apolitical. How could I get past the sexy presence of Tom Cruise or the fabulous music in the background? It was all so pro-American, right?


The movie Top Gun, like all pro-war movies, is government subsidized propaganda. The movie was scripted by the Pentagon under contract with Hollywood. It was used as an oppressive tool to lure recruits into the global military-industrial complex, with ideology slants glamorizing violence as a virtue and killing hearts and minds silenced with dissent. In fact, there were military recruitment tables lined up at theaters on the opening night of this “blockbuster” movie.

The negative energy that went into making this movie, wrapping military adventurism into the flag, is just one example of how movies have militarized the American mindsets, making it all seem so sexy, good, and “right” for our nation or world peace.

And this is how we normalize violence. This is how we normalize war. This….in the end, is how America has become so violent within. We have become complicit in our violent politics and culture under market spin for “freedom.”

It’s the economy, stupid. Our movies and violence for-profit entity.

As Michael Moore recently said, “We all need to start making decisions not based on money but based on what is right.”

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