Picasso and my Plot

Picasso’s La Paloma
“The Dove”

What to my novels have in common with Pablo Picasso? Read the sequel to Masks of Morality to find out!

I like to think of the sequel, Monster Behind the Masks, as the “rickety bridge” to the grand finale of this planned trilogy. The plot drills down to the dark money in politics: but I am not talking about mere campaign funding corruption. My storyline contends that dark money spans every corner of geopolitics, right down to almost every facet of American high-tech business yet seamlessly spread in the name of “national security.” Symbolism runs through my plot, the Dove stands for peace. Yet two doves are found dead with symbolic messages in blood. What are these messages, and who left them?

An excerpt from Monster:
“Anna, there’s more found at the scene of the second dove beyond bloody drops. An olive branch was stuffed into the dove’s right claw, thirteen sticks in its left claw. And a Picasso painting with a sentence written on the back: ‘I stand for life against death; I stand for peace against war.'”

Anna recognizes the quote from Pablo Picasso’s speech during the 1949 Paris Peace Conference. Picasso had painted the dove out of a thirst for peace during the Spanish Civil War. Read on to find a common denominator!

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