Sensationalized Terrorism?

The word “terrorism” conjures up mixed emotion. On the one hand, anyone dreaming up dropping bombs or shooting down masses of innocent people anywhere certainly is a terrorist act. Yet, isn’t this what happens with war?

To me, the word is an oxymoron, it has lost any meaning or fear tactic associated with it. I now hear it and say, “ho-hum.” I am against ANY act of violence, be it war or “terrorism.” Personally, I feel the increased terror attacks globally are a direct result of the “Global War on Terrorism,” a mere fallout. Not that they are justified, yet is the global war on terror justified? I see it as an attack against our own nation’s people. Physically, emotionally, financially, socially, in every way possible.

And, although many would call this point of view a “conspiracy theory,” I wonder about government involvement here and abroad to fuel the fiery rhetoric of war. Why should this theory be looked at as radical, when we consider the global military powers that be and how horrific actions have been taken not only in Communist China but America against innocent college students protesting the violence of war? Indeed, whole massacres have been carried out on our land by the National Guard and other military organizations claiming innocent beings are “dissident.”

The above social media design was created to depict a scene in my sequel, Monster Behind the Masks, whereby the protagonist is having this conversation while sipping gourmet tea at a gorgeous loft overlooking the Sausalito Bay. Doesn’t everyone have a conversation about terrorist while sipping tea in such a peaceful setting?

The violence across America today, including innocent children washed up on our shore and cruelly detained in concentration camps being referred to as “illegal aliens,” should be a cause to pause what’s truly happening. All in the name of “national security.” God help us …

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