Status Update: Upcoming Debut Novel “Masks of Morality”

Hello Readers!

If you are wondering why my upcoming debut novel, MASKS OF MORALITY, is not able to be found when you select the Amazon button or other links on my website, there is a simple answer. It’s not yet published or on the market! Sorry if this is not made clear.

I have my manuscript professionally edited and making final tweaks. As anybody who ever wrote a novel knows, these tweaks can be tweaks until we are tweaked and freaked out. At some point, a first time author needs to JUST DO IT! Release those words to the world, and I feel my time coming soon! After one more tweak…

I am awaiting a proposal from one potential self publishing route (Book Publishers Network). I also sent a letter to an agent requesting he represent my book in the traditional publishing world. Depending on response, I may end up smashing my first novel out via Smashwords and using those marketing skills I (thought) I acquired through twenty years of marketing. No easy feat despite those years, as I am NOW A tech dinosaur in a digital-age ebook world!

Either way, I hope to have MASKS OF MORALTIY available to readers during first quarter 2017. I am planning a trilogy based on my “Masks” theme! For now, I welcome any thoughts on today’s turmoil political climate in America, how you feel we derived to this point, and any questions you may have for me.

Thank you!
Terri Lynn Sullivan (author pen name TL Mumley)theatre-masks-clip-art-at-clker-com-vector-clip-art-online-royalty-pexkwa-clipart

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