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The Premise and Plot of the “Masks” Series

  For anyone who has read my novels, they see the basic premise is anti-war. Written in the voice of a mother, my debut, Masks of Morality, begs the question: What is the moral integrity of the USA’s wars in the middle east? My protagonist, Caryssa Flynn, had grown the corporate ladder in Silicon Valley…

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Silicon Valley and Spies

This is a social media design I created for the sequel to Masks of Morality. The second book in my Silicon Valley Trilogy, Monster Behind the Masks, drills down to the dark money in politics that’s hidden in so many business deals across the high-tech sector. Business deals within the venture capitalist and CEO’s selling…

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Picasso and my Plot

What to my novels have in common with Pablo Picasso? Read the sequel to Masks of Morality to find out! I like to think of the sequel, Monster Behind the Masks, as the “rickety bridge” to the grand finale of this planned trilogy. The plot drills down to the dark money in politics: but I…

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