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Summer Family Trips: A “Slice of Life.”

Hello Readers! I believe an author’s blog should be about the author, not just promoting her books or sharing articles related to those novels. I’d like to share a few photos and snippets of family trips this past summer. Keep in mind that “summer” lasts longer in California than many parts of the nation, so…

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Humanity Before Hegemony!

HUMANITY BEFORE HEGEMONY!   A simple excerpt that I feel speaks for the underlying message behind the story in MASKS OF MORALITY: Humanity has such incredible talent and abilities, such vast beauty within each of ourselves. If we only carry in our hearts the awareness of unity among individual forms, we could eliminate so much pointless…

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Why I Write about Human Compassion and Morality

Share This: WHY I WRITE ABOUT HUMAN COMPASSION AND MORALITY   One might ask why my blog title does not mention politics. My cover design brands my debut novel as “a political twister.” And my answer is simple.  Although my book is political, it is not about politics.   MASKS OF MORALITY is  a story about family…

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