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Humanity Before Hegemony!

HUMANITY BEFORE HEGEMONY!   A simple excerpt that I feel speaks for the underlying message behind the story in MASKS OF MORALITY: Humanity has such incredible talent and abilities, such vast beauty within each of ourselves. If we only carry in our hearts the awareness of unity among individual forms, we could eliminate so much pointless…

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Books: Where Words can Change the World.

  “Each woman who never wrote a word…still lives.” ~Virginia Woolf     Every year since its launch in 2015, I’ve attended the Bay Area Book Festival in downtown Berkeley. I love it, not because of my bookworm ways but the festival’s theme fits the values I hold dear to my heart. It’s a socially conscious…

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Thanksgiving “His”- story: Whose Story?

THANKSGIVING “HIS”-STORY: WHO’S STORY?   This past weekend, I attended a community fundraising event at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley. This vibrant venue promotes social justice, arts participation, and intercultural understanding. The event I attended, Thangs Taken: Rethinking Thanksgiving, brought together artist, activist, and community to acknowledge the genocide of ten to thirty million Native Americans and…

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