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Silicon Valley and Star Wars

Don’t tell Silicon Valley, but Star Wars still thinks military technology is useless. George Lucas’ Star Wars was notoriously disenchanted, even critical, of technology’s ability to improve the world. That is, the technology used as a weapon. The Death Star in A New Hope stood in for our own Atom bomb. It was a product of the Empire’s…

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The Silicon Valley Son

If the caption under this photo doesn’t cause every American concern today, it should. Especially given that the number one cause of the recent rise in homelessness in Silicon Valley and across the nation has been linked to the disparity of our huge spending on “defense” versus homelessness and other social causes to begin with.…

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Silicon Valley and Spies

This is a social media design I created for the sequel to Masks of Morality. The second book in my Silicon Valley Trilogy, Monster Behind the Masks, drills down to the dark money in politics that’s hidden in so many business deals across the high-tech sector. Business deals within the venture capitalist and CEO’s selling…

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