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Technology surpassing Spirituality

This is a link to an excellent article describing how in America, the “grave consequences” that Eisenhower warned about in 1961 have all come into fruition today. Our self-destructive military-industrial complex is tearing apart our nation just as he cautioned, eating its way into every corner, including our churches. I’ve seen this myself while attending…

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Books: Where Words can Change the World.

  “Each woman who never wrote a word…still lives.” ~Virginia Woolf     Every year since its launch in 2015, I’ve attended the Bay Area Book Festival in downtown Berkeley. I love it, not because of my bookworm ways but the festival’s theme fits the values I hold dear to my heart. It’s a socially conscious…

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Masks of Morality to be showcased at Bay Area Book Festival!

MASKS OF MORALITY to be showcased at Bay Area Book Festival! April 28-29, 2018     The next Bay Area Book Festival is scheduled for April 28-29, 2018, filled with exciting events and booths from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. I am a book exhibitor with over 300 authors! Set in downtown Berkeley’s Civic Center Park and…

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