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Technology surpassing Spirituality

This is a link to an excellent article describing how in America, the “grave consequences” that Eisenhower warned about in 1961 have all come into fruition today. Our self-destructive military-industrial complex is tearing apart our nation just as he cautioned, eating its way into every corner, including our churches. I’ve seen this myself while attending…

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Gun Violence linked to America’s Wars

Isn’t this what I’ve been saying all along? Of special note cited within this piece: “American students have much in common with victims of drone warfare.” 18+ years of nonstop wars for profit are taking a toll on American youth. Until we take guns and war OUT of our central economic impetus, it will not…

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Masks of Morality (Book 1)

Has America normalized violence as a way of life? MASKS OF MORALITY is a contemporary rollercoaster about a woman who goes from a high-tech marketing executive to becoming obsessed with changing the world after becoming a mother. It’s a story of moral conscience and using positive energy in every choice we make. A message to look…

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