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The Myth of the “Good War.” (WWII)

Writing my novels takes a lot of time, especially research. For every chapter written, likely over ten hours of research goes into the efforts, even more time than getting the words on paper. One thing I’ve grappled with is how our nation and others involved with WWII, forever use the narrative that WWII was “necessary”…

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Introspection from an Author Protagonist

Under the Masks “The human spirit must prevail over technology.” ~ Albert Einstein As many of you know, I am the main character of my novels: Caryssa Flynn. Yes, the author is the protagonist. Although heavily fictionalized, the story in Masks of Morality and Monster behind the Masks is based on my real-life experiences. I…

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Masks of Morality (Book 1)

Has America normalized violence as a way of life? MASKS OF MORALITY is a contemporary rollercoaster about a woman who goes from a high-tech marketing executive to becoming obsessed with changing the world after becoming a mother. It’s a story of moral conscience and using positive energy in every choice we make. A message to look…

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