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Why I Write: A Glimpse into My Life

“Scratch a writer and you’ll find a walker.”~ Tegan Bennett I have a confession to make. Sometimes, when I write, I cry. Not out of sadness but a deep passion. I have this strong desire to make a difference and a belief that words can change the world. During my book signing at Barnes &…

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Humanity Before Hegemony!

HUMANITY BEFORE HEGEMONY!   A simple excerpt that I feel speaks for the underlying message behind the story in MASKS OF MORALITY: Humanity has such incredible talent and abilities, such vast beauty within each of ourselves. If we only carry in our hearts the awareness of unity among individual forms, we could eliminate so much pointless…

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Taming the Tiger

TAMING THE TIGER by T.L. Mumley Investment share price isn’t the only “value” that counts! How do we make socially and environmentally responsible investments within an irresponsible economic standard?   With the rising public awareness of corruption in our political and financial system, people are rethinking how to manage their money. Entire campaigns have been put…

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