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The Problem with “Show Don’t Tell.”

Over the past eleven years of writing novels, I’ve learned a lot and work continuously on honing the craft. I especially appreciate the improvements I’ve made by attending weekly meetings with the Berkeley Writer’s Circle. The most frustrating law of the literary world for me, going hand-in-hand with the deep “point of view” rule I…

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Why I Write: A Glimpse into My Life

“Scratch a writer and you’ll find a walker.”~ Tegan Bennett I have a confession to make. Sometimes, when I write, I cry. Not out of sadness but a deep passion. I have this strong desire to make a difference and a belief that words can change the world. During my book signing at Barnes &…

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The Birth of My Book

THE BIRTH OF MY BOOK   This past Mother’s day, I reflected on how I never knew I’d be blessed with a child. In my past life, my identity seemed wrapped around fancy corporate titles—including VP of Marketing, Senior Competitive Marketing Analyst and Product Marketing Manager. I loved these titles! They gave me power. Respect.…

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