Science Gone Stupid

Stay tuned for the final installment of my Silicon Valley novels! Release date TBD.
After Caryssa Flynn and two of her girlfriends escape a mass shooting in a trendy, peaceful coffee shop overlooking the sleepy San Francisco Bay, Caryssa visits her beloved former career-stomping grounds of beautiful Silicon Valley. That amazing tech-hub capital of the world that pulled her away from her loving family on the east coast, twenty-five years ago.
A gripping tale and heartbreaking recognition of the geopolitical connection of the high-tech sector and VC funding spilling into our nation's nonstop wars and resultant internal violence today. Could it be that America has become a multi-trillion-dollar corporate brand, a violent brand image at that?
The Money Masquerade takes us back and forth in the timeline, a journey through Caryssa's former international business trips and her once apolitical point of view while she sold and marketed computer electronics and inter-networking gear to foreign markets. We go to the 1990s China and Israel, back to the current San Francisco Bay Area and Caryssa's post-corporate world.
T.L. Mumley brilliantly captures a compelling reason for uncooling our nation's worship of military technology and wars while demarketing the deceiving narrative it's to protect our "national security" by breaking the media trance of our TV and internet-addicted age.

Read an excerpt for installment number three:


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