The Premise and Plot of the “Masks” Series


For anyone who has read my novels, they see the basic premise is anti-war. Written in the voice of a mother, my debut, Masks of Morality, begs the question: What is the moral integrity of the USA’s wars in the middle east? My protagonist, Caryssa Flynn, had grown the corporate ladder in Silicon Valley before bringing a child into the world. She had seen firsthand how computer networking technology is so tightly, financially, wrapped around the “defense” sector, and only about money. Technology “power” and arms race to nowhere. This frightens her more than anything else in the world today. How many more people, here or abroad, will die due to this technology supremacy act?

The sequel, Monster Behind the Masks, drills down to the dark money dished out by the CIA and DoD; dark money that goes far beyond election campaigns. The “monster” is the financial web strangling Big Tech. The forever link that Caryssa’s beloved Silicon Valley has to the Pentagon. This is further reiterated in the plot of book three, The Money Masquerade, in which a former coworker of Caryssa’s and tech millionaire, Sean Coleman is shot near to death by top military officials that want his advanced artificial intelligence for their military missions. Masquerade, slated for release in 2022, is a political thriller that takes the reader from Los Altos Hills to Sausalito, San Francisco, and other beautiful Bay Area places, and makes the reader think about what keeps the USA in non-stop wars.

In a recent issue of American Affairs, a thought provoking piece by Jared Woodard entitled, “Rotten STEM: How Technology Corrupts Education,” describes today’s STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering, Math) curriculm as only having a cosmetic relationship to real science, with behind the scenes ideologues pursuing very different goals. Rather than cultivate a well-rounded child and student from K-12 and beyond, today’s “STEM,” is ONLY about technology, none of the other subjects in its acronym. And, as mentioned already, it’s not technology in the right direction. We, as Americans, should be downright discusted that the DoD is funding STEM across our colleges and universities, to “get the students ready for the next DoD jobs.” Sounds like a sneaky backdoor recruitment process into the military, whether in combat or designing military technology. NOT the direction the USA needs to be going.

More and more Americans see that our nation simply cannot afford the toll our forever wars are taking on all of us, psychologically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in every way possible. As far back as 2003, when my precious child was born, my nation’s “response” to 9/11 disheartened me. I had a premonition back then it would be the start of the USA’s self-inflicted demise. The beginning of an unnecessary build-up of a police-state war economy, spilling out into every problem the USA faces today: mass shootings, inability to contain a virus due to a financial priority of military technology over medical technology, accelerated climate change showing its face through wildfires, tornadoes, weird weather, increased homelessness, and poverty. The US Military is the biggest polluter in the world today, emitting more greenhouse gases than any other factor.

A recent New York Times article titled Americans Demand a Rethinking of the Forever War spells out much of what the plot within my trilogy tries to convey. Read the full article in New York Times here.

If you wish to communicate directly with me regarding this issue and how it pertains to my plot, please drop me an email and I would be happy to respond.

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T.L. Mumley

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  1. Elisa Flatley on March 4, 2024 at 6:27 am

    I’m impressed by the thoroughness of your research.

    • T.L Mumley on March 6, 2024 at 11:02 pm


      Thank you! Writing indeed takes a lot of research.

      Best Regards,

      TL Mumley

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