Violence as “Virtue.”

Teach Violence: Learn Violence
War is a Crime

Why does the United States see so many heartbreaking mass shootings? The redundant narrative in the media and certain social circles have us go down the robotic path of blaming it on “mental illness” and guns ” in the wrong hands.” Yet, seeing how many police shoot down innocent people with a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality, we are obviously putting guns in the “wrong hands” even within our law enforcement. We have developed a vicious cycle, and why?

Our unsustainable war economy is spilling out into our streets, malls, schools, police force, everywhere. Obviously, it’s not keeping us “free and safe” as the preachy political cliche claims.

In the article, Mass shootings: The Military Entertainment Complex’s Culture of Violence Turns Deadly, author John whitehead mentions many profound insights, including that the war hawks have turned the American homeland into a quasi-battlefield with military gear, weapons, and tactics implanted into our movies, video games, police, school drills, business boardrooms, and every corner. Yet all across media mouthpieces, we still hear the inhumane claim our military intervention is somehow about “national security,” or freedom.

Our society relies on violence to feed the coffers of the merchants of death. Profits made by arms manufacturers, the “defense” industry, gun dealers, lobbyers.

Until we the people see that the culture of violence cannot be abstracted from the culture of business or corruption of politics, it won’t change. We need to take guns and war out of the center of our economic impetus. Our true national security depends on it.

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