Why I Write about Human Compassion and Morality

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One might ask why my blog title does not mention politics. My cover design brands my debut novel as “a political twister.”

And my answer is simple.  Although my book is political, it is not about politics.  

MASKS OF MORALITY is  a story about family love, tragedy, and how a corrupt system can affect morals, society and family. I never cared about this stuff, until I brought a precious child into the world. I was shocked to discover how money linked to politics can affect my own child. How this affects every facet of our daily lives, right down to what’s in our food, water, soil, and the air we breathe. Even what I can write on this blog, is affected by politics. For all I know, Google & it’s big brother buddy system will have data rodents hunting me down for trying to create awareness. 

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always felt deeply loved by my family. I still feel the love. From my cherry blossomed childhood on the lake with our two cottages, three boats and lovely lobster bakes on the beach to the present moment separated by the miles due to career direction—one thing that always endured is a deep and profound love for my five siblings.  And I’ll always feel gratitude for my loving parents.  

I’ve also come to understand the saying “we often hurt those we love most.”

I grew up a good Catholic girl. But do not feel this is where my questions about societal morality came into focus. Ironically, organized religion is part of the lack of morality I question today. Some of the deepest ideologies we grew up with that seemingly glued the family unit and nation together are tearing families and the nation apart today. Especially political ideology and viewpoints surrounding our foreign policy. 

 And what’s really poignant to me is what pulled me so far away from my family. Those I love the most. My Silicon Valley career.  Silicon Valley will always hold my heart. Working in that land of technology and toys among the rolling hills and palms of California was the BEST part of my career, financially and intellectually.  I will forever cherish this.

I also feel a corner of my motherly heart torn apart in realization that some of these multinational high-tech corporations are helping to maintain America’s path to endless war. And this links directly to politics negatively affecting all of us, whether rich or poor. Military, secret shadow “intelligence” agencies, spiraling out-of-control surveillance and defense contractors are, among other things, connected to Silicon Valley. And Silicon Valley’s biggest competitor is now Israel. We can continue to believe its all about protecting us from terrorism.  Or we can open our minds, hearts, and souls and see the money monster behind the mask.  Cover2The Power and Control.

There are 3 corporations which control the world today.  The City of London, or “Crown Empire”, Washington D.C., and the Vatican. It is not about trying to save the world. And how might a baffling bloody dove found outside an art gallery in Sausalito symbolize secret society behind the global military madness? Read my debut novel, MASKS OF MORALITY to find a partial clue to the puzzle. . .

A further clue will unravel in my upcoming second installment, Monster Behind the MasksThe sequel is planned for release in late 2018 but can be pre-ordered now in eBook form through both Kobo and iBooks.

No society has ever sustained peace or prosperity with perpetual war. Unless we dig into our social conscience and change our cultural conditioning of accepting America’s violence for profit system as some form of “moral duty”, this will never change. We the people hold more power than we think.

And this is why I write about human compassion and morality.


T.L. Mumley

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